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Making Time is a documentary about five extraordinary horologists. Its breathtaking imagery frames emotive and exquisite portraits of human life that are universal in scope. We delve into each subject’s life story, delivered authentically, intimately. We explore their childhoods, their mistakes and their joys, their momentous decisions, their regrets and loves, their losses. All the raw and honest moments in their lives that add up to create their identities and to inform their work. For the work of independent watchmakers is always profoundly connected to their life experiences. Raw, unscripted, intimate.


8 June 2023: NHK in Japan is scheduled to broadcast Making Time on June 21st at 11.20pm in a slot called ‘World Documentary’.

14 December 2022: Making Time is now available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon and the Journeyman Pictures website.

We are pleased to announce that Making Time is being marketed by Journeyman Pictures. They have sold the Canadian distribution rights and the Making Time feature documentary is scheduled for cinema release in Canada in February 2023, followed by Canadian TV.

We have edited a 60-minute version on Making Time for TV, which Journeyman Pictures will be marketing worldwide.



Brittany Cox (Download)
Brittany Cox (Download)
Philippe and Daniela Dufour (Download)
Ludovic and Gabriel (Download)
Aldis Hodge (Download)
Max Büsser (Download)

Production team

Producer: Kat Mansoor

With 20 years of industry experience, award-winning Producer Kat Mansoor has worked with BBC Films, Channel4, Film 4, Netflix and Vice to consistently deliver a slate of highly acclaimed films. Kat’s work has been screened around the world at festivals including Cannes, Telluride, SXSW, IDFA. Her film credits include double Grierson winning Here’s Johnny: Blackout; Wojtek, The Bear That Went To War; The Man Whose Mind, Ida’s Diary, Lost and Sound, and What We Believe. Kat’s most recent releases include Cow, directed by Andrea Arnold, which premiered at Cannes 2021, and Rebellion, which was recently released on Netflix.

Director: Liz Unna

Liz Unna is an award-winning documentary and commercials director. She grew up between Santa Fe and Brussels, went to university in Montreal, and now lives in London. After starting out at Discovery Channel and then Channel 4 in the UK, she now directs documentaries, commercials, and short films around the world. Her work explores the inner worlds of her subjects, eliciting emotive and authentic interviews, always seeking to find the point where heightened cinematography meets truth.

Editor: Adam Lavis

Adam studied in Film & English at Brunel University in 2001, achieving a 1st Class Honours. After graduating, Adam setup up an independent TV and Film Production Company called ‘Animal Monday’ with two friends, Kat Mansoor and William Hood. Adam co-directed their first long-form documentary, ‘Here’s Johnny‘, which won two Grierson Documentary awards in 2008. The film, which follows the artist John Hicklenton as he comes to term with Multiple Sclerosis, also won the ‘Best Film’ award at the 2009 Kos International Health Film Awards.

Executive Producer: Hind Seddiqi

Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi is the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Seddiqi Holding and Director General of Dubai Watch Week. Her passion and expertise resulted in the establishment of Dubai Watch Week in 2015, a global non-commercial platform dedicated to the preservation of watchmaking culture and heritage. With uniting the watch community and providing an educational platform at the forefront of Hind’s vision, Dubai Watch Week has evolved into a key calendar biennial event and has entrenched Dubai as a global hub in the horology industry. 

Executive Producer: Ian Skellern

Ian Skellern lived in Switzerland for 25-years, and took advantage by delving into the world of fine watchmaking. As a journalist and photographer he has reported on horology for over two decades, usually with a focus on independent and complicated watchmaking. He has written for many international watch magazines, has moderated social media channels, and is the co-founder of the watch blog Quill & Pad. Ian knows independent watchmakers; he has celebrated their good times and helped them through the bad, has slept on their couches (and they on his); has holidayed with independent watchmakers; and earned deep trust and learned intimate knowledge. In the world of high end independent watchmaking Ian knows where to look for the most interesting people with the most interesting stories.




Philippe Dufour, the master

Typically the idea of watchmaking conjures up an image of a white-haired man bent over a workbench, tinkering away. Philippe Dufour may fit that physical description, but we also discover in this film that our tinkerer has some unexpected and poignant surprises up his sleeve. Philippe Dufour, widely considered to be the world’s greatest living watchmaker, reveals the secrets of a lifetime spent making exquisite and complex timepieces. Revered for his process which has more in common with watchmakers from the last century, he works mostly alone and removed from the world in the isolated Vallée de Joux.


Maximilian Büsser, the alchemist

Max Büsser is a master-engineer who lives between the desert of Dubai and the mountains of Geneva. We learn of his lonely childhood and his great sadness around the combative and difficult relationship he had with his father. Max became a high-flying businessman but realised that his childhood dreams of living a creative life had been forsaken for material gain and status. All felt empty to him. Against any common sense, he gave it all up to make his own horological creations. He eventually found his way to making the most avant-garde conceptual timepieces of our era.


Brittany ‘Nico’ Cox, the philosopher

Brittany Nicole Cox is one of few female watchmakers in the world. She is an outlier in many ways, and has a unique perspective on the world of horology. As a child, she created an immersive collection of mechanical objects which sheltered her from the trauma of a mother with severe mental health issues. Brittany found solace from a very unstable home life in the world of predictable devices and machines. While studying philosophy at university she became fascinated by 17th century craftsmen who built automata to explore philosophical questions about the nature of existence and God.


Ludovic Ballouard, the dreamer

Ludovic Ballouard is a man of rare profundity and ingenuity, is based in Geneva. His dramatic story unfolds to reveal both the concept of his extraordinary watch and the philosophy by which he lives, both beautifully intertwined. We learn of his great love with his first wife Eveline and her devastating cancer diagnosis. These early days with Eveline come to life through archives, photos and reconstructions. This experience propelled him into creating his first independent movement, the Upside Down watch, as an homage to living in the present moment.


Aldis Hodge, the outsider

We open with the charismatic and indomitable Hollywood actor Aldis Hodge. Recently starring in One Night in Miami, City on The Hill, Clemency, The Invisible Man, and Hawkman in the DC epic, Black Adam. An incredible achievement in itself, Aldis has also set himself the mind-boggling ambition of becoming one of the finest watchmakers in the world. It’s an impossibly difficult task, even for someone born into the watchmaking world, which Aldis most definitely was not. Can he do it? And why, as a wildly successful actor, does he even want to do it?